Beamish Museum ~ WW1 ~ Horses Edition ~ April 2018 ~ part 1

In April 2016 Sophie and I went along to the WW1 Vehicles & Steam fair at Beamish Museum.  On checking their website we found that this year they were doing horses of WW1.  The horses were not 100 years old of course, but there were people were all dressed up in period costume and showing how horses were used back then, so off we went to ride the trams and take photo’s of everything.

The Circle

The Circle is our favourite tram, and Sophie and I really want to sit on the balcony bit at the top there, but so far we haven’t managed to get on soon enough, we’ve only ridden in it downstairs.

We decided to walk anyway as we wanted to take pictures along the way.




It was great to see some big dray horses, I love their hairy feet!

They have lovely natures too

This next shot is the back of a field kitchen

Steam cooker

and this is the horse’s tail who pulled the kitchen.

and his feet, standing ver prettily I thought


can’t forget his lovely face too


and off he went on his rounds

We’re in for a few reports from this day out, so stay tooned


49 thoughts on “Beamish Museum ~ WW1 ~ Horses Edition ~ April 2018 ~ part 1

    1. Just checked this link you kindly left and realised I’ve been here a few times when they used to do the Military vehicle show in July each year, stayed in a local premier inn. They don’t do it anymore am sad to say.

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  1. Oh to have a horse like that, the mainstay of agriculture for so many years; I’ll have to work out how many oats I can buy for the cost of diesel for the tractor 🙂 Great pics, love the tram.

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  2. Just to let you know, I got a reasonable Canon T90 (at one time my favourite ever camera) for £40 off off Ebay. It was from the British Heart Foundation, so a double whammy, as the money went to charity. After looking around today, I got a decent 35-70 short (Canon FD ) zoom for less than £30 , so will be trying out film again before the summer is out. 🙂
    I part-exchanged a T90 system with flash and lenses for over £500 quid in 2001, for an autofocus Minolta Dynax 7, which is still in the loft. I could have used that of course, but I have always missed that T90 since the day I handed it over.
    All your fault, so I blame you!! 🙂 x
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. In my head I’m changing ‘blame’ to ‘am inspired by’ 😂😂 I just know you will embrace the retro with your T90, can’t wait to see what you do with it. Smiled so much reading your comment.

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          1. I use co-incidentally they’re in Newcastle but I do it all by post. You can look up their stuff on line as they do all sorts of printing, canvasses and stuff. I’m also including a link to print off their order form if you want to use them, I just write on the bottom- “please convert to high res jpg’s on CD”. They ring me when it’s done, I pay by debit card, they put the disc/s in the post and I get them the next day. I once got sent low res jpg’s which is OK for internet but not as nice as the high res for printing, depends what you want.

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