Herrington Country Park ~ March 2018~ Part 3

Part 1 HERE

Part 2 HERE

After we’d finished at the standing stones, Sophie and I made our way down the hill and went on to the next hill where there appeared to be a big rock.

The rock has square metal engravings fastened to it, as you can see, each one bears the face of a miner (not sure whether living or dead)

I think if you had some paper and charcoal or crayon you could do like a brass rubbing in churches and get a better idea of the face. Each panel had a different face and a letter in the bottom right corner that when put together spelled out Johns Rock. No relation. 🙂

On the far side of the rock we discovered these,

there’s a story there somewhere but I don’t know and can’t guess what it is.

When we were back at the stones, we had seen some big wheels in the distance, so headed back down the hill in the general direction of where we thought they were. Passing a curve of trees

and found the lichen shot of the day

I ♥️ lichen

we came across some more miners houses

before reaching the wheels, and a cracking puddle for the reflection.

These are old pit wheels flanking a path leading to a Miners’ Memorial Garden, though the garden was pretty bare at this time of year.

We continued walking, heading back towards the lake and passing some more watery sections of the park, and some more swans

I think this sculpture is based on a ribcage, but of which animal I am not too sure, and I could be completely wrong!

We are almost back to the lake from here, where we go to lunch, meet some hounds, see more majestic swans and capture a birdy fisticuffs, so stay tooned for the next episode!

all images can be clicked on for bigger versions so you can appreciate their magnificence so much better 🤣





54 thoughts on “Herrington Country Park ~ March 2018~ Part 3

  1. I love the mystery of those flowers… What a weird place to find them! It could only be something sad! She died around the rock? They used to come there and he comes back now to celebrate? Or she’s not dead at all and they were there having a nice walk for her birthday and he made her angry so she stormed off without her flowers??
    I love all of the pictures! The wheel and the lichen were amazing!! 💖

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  2. There is something hauntingly beautiful about old places or buildings.
    I love old abandoned houses or ruins, castles & manors all alike.
    I even love the look of some old rocks down the rivers and find the damaged one that has most unique character.
    If I am able to find one crack that has a good view through it, I felt like looking into a portal of the other side where I might find more magical beauty.
    It was then that where I found true love in photography because every pictures you make has a reason and story behind it.
    I would love to see more of your photography life.

    I love that curved tree, looking unusual than the lined one. It is just so different.

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