Druridge Bay~Feb 2018~ Part 2

Part 1 HERE 

There is a thing happening, the latest craze over from the USA, mostly I see it on Facebook, where people paint little rocks, and hide them in woodlands, on beaches, in towns, anywhere really.  We came across 3 of them whilst walking around the lake,

When you find one you are supposed to photograph it, post it to the Facebook page it belongs to (written on the back of the rock) and then re-hide it somewhere different or keep it, doesn’t seem to matter.

Not knowing all this at the time I just took pictures and didn’t re-hide them, life’s too short!  As always I liked the lichen I found on the trees, found a ball of it here..

liking the lichen

A Chinese (!) bridge takes you over to the far side of the lake

where I found a poignant memorial to someone’s mam

To Mam, I love you to the moon and back

There’s also a stepping stone crossing further up the edge of the lake which we ignored to go over the Chinese bridge, but had to have a go on it when we were on the far side. They were wobbly.

Intrepid Sophie

Then we found the swans, some of them still teenagers, and terns, gulls, ducks and geese

Teenage dirtbags
tern around bright eyes

Mummy swan saw us from afar photographing her kids and came to see what we were up to

She was a beauty

and when she decided we were no threat, she turned round and went back to hubby

and that’s about it from Druridge Bay,

Full album HERE

Druridge Bay has free parking and a cafe and visitor centre with things for kids to do. We had toasted cheese and ham sandwiches for our lunch, but they were a bit meh. As Phil would say, they filled a hole.

Next post we will be visiting The Lady of the North, or Northumberlandia as she is known so stay tooned folks!

53 thoughts on “Druridge Bay~Feb 2018~ Part 2

    1. My pal Helen does them and hides them all around Biggleswade. I think most areas have their own FB pages to record them all, I posted mine to the Northumberland group and whoever painted it spotted it. A nice thing to do with your kids, creative and gets you out and about.

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  1. I had an idea – as usual, not carried through – to paint stones, give them names and sell them as pet rocks in a box with care instructions. It’s probably been done. Extraordinary clarity to your photos; lovely!

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