Newcastle Guild Hall, and Quayside ~ December 2017

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On my last post, The Camel Parade, I said that that was the last report for a while as I’ve posted everything for my outings in 2017. Well I lied. 🙂 Not so much lied really, as completely overlooked mine and Sophies day out to see the Guildhall in Newcastle.  Usually you are not allowed in the building, but there are Heritage Open days where you can get a guided tour of it, and Sophie booked us to go on one.

The History Bit

The building was designed by Robert Trollope and completed in 1655. Trollope was a 17th-century English architect, born in Yorkshire, who worked mainly in Northumberland and Durham. A propos of nothing, he was buried in St Mary’s church Gateshead where he’d designed and built his own monument with statue of himself and inscription that reads
“Here lies Robert Trollop

Who made yon stones roll up

When death took his soul up

His body filled this hole up”.

More Pam Ayres than Wordsworth, but he lives on in his magnificent buildings.

The frontage of the building was rebuilt to designs by William Newton and David Stephenson in 1794. The east end of the building is an extension designed by John Dobson and completed in 1823.

So on with the pictures!

In the stairwell on the way up to the courtrooms

Charles II in Roman Army Gear, who knows why!  His feet look really big to me!

The statue was placed originally placed at the North End of the Tyne Bridge, on the restoration of Charles II to the throne.  It had the motto Adventus Regis solemn gregis. i.e the coming of the king is the comfort of his people.On 15th June 1771 it was moved and placed in a niche on the side of the Exchange (this is what the Guildhall was known as back then).  It was finally moved to where it is now in 1794.  I got this information from a book published in 1826 by John Sykes (bookseller of Newcastle), and the full fascinating story can be found HERE 

The courtroom

In 1649 15 people were hanged on the Town Moor for the crime of Witchcraft, they were tried here.

Mind your head!

The Merchant Adventurers Hall was quite something..

John 21:6 🙂
Ceiling detail
All the mayors coats of arms, from then until now.
Fake fire!


Had me fooled! 🙂


Stay tooned for part 2, which will be even more stunning than part 1, really! 😀


54 Replies to “Newcastle Guild Hall, and Quayside ~ December 2017”

  1. I’m very glad that you “lied”, else we would not have been able to enjoy this post today. Strange isn’t it? The “crime” of Witchcraft. It makes me sad that there have actually been people that have thought this way back in those days. Once again this was a great post with absolutely amazing pictures 😊😊

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  2. Such history. Imagine the terror of those poor people being ‘tried’ for Witchcraft. The trials were a mockery, as they were always found ‘Guilty’. (At least I never read about anyone being acquitted)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. I had a quick Google as well. Apparently Louis XIV started a bit of a fashion of monarchs being presented as Roman emperors. I can see that it would be a good idea to suck up to the new monarch at the Restoration, so it starts to make sense.

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  3. Fabulous photographs – so sharp! I didn’t think you take photographs in court rooms. As for Charles II dressed like a Roman, my immediate thought was that it must have been part of a nice game he was playing with Nell G, or one of his other little friends…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I suppose it’s no wonder the room gave me such an ominous feeling. Although I really like the work at the ceiling. That “prisoners area” is downright scary. This was quite an adventure. Thanks for taking us with you. Happy Valentine’s Day hugs!


      1. I feel like everyone now just cheap out and make a lot of things cookie cutter… Or it’s all chrome and windows. Not so much put into the looks and detail. I hope we can preserve that, or go back to it.. But, everything comes in waves! I remember when bell bottoms came back so you never know!

        Liked by 1 person

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