The Diwali Festival~ Sunderland ~ Nov 2017~ Part 2

Part 1 HERE

Bring on the dancing girls! And guys too. Not much to say except it was full of colour and joy and laughter.

These guys were more fit than a fit thing on a fit stick!

The lady dancers watching the chaps come down the stairs

they got everyone they could up on the floor to dance with them

After that it was the ladies groups turn to dance

and a little solo artiste

And then Sophie and I walked home as the sun went down.

Over the bridge

back through Keel Square

and through the shopping area where they had some fancy Christmas lights.

It was such a lovely festival to attend, so many smiling faces, so much to see and learn about, hope they do it again this year!

Full album of pictures HERE




39 thoughts on “The Diwali Festival~ Sunderland ~ Nov 2017~ Part 2

  1. A change of style and theme, and video clips too! You spoil us, Madame Ambassador! 🙂

    Great shots, and well done to the lady in the wheelchair for getting into the dancing too. The make-up on those girls and women is amazing.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Really wished I could have been there, but this post really managed to bring across the atmosphere in a great way. Also loved the videos. I’m not one to dance much, but even I have to admit I would probably have joined in 😀😀 Thanks for sharing this 😀

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