Road Trip October 2017 ~ The Model Show

After our visit to Overloon, we then headed for Veldhoven and got to the big conference centre where it’s held, and also where we stayed.  It’s an absolutely huge place with 500 rooms, mostly filled with geeky modellers 🙂 for the weekend. We’ve been here a couple of years ago so I’ve already photographed it inside and out, but it’s always fun to shoot the corridors!

Phil had been asked to judge one of the sections of the model competition, along with a couple of other modellers.  The competition has over 2000 entries, this whole show is vast.  I took a lot of photo’s but didn’t get all 2000!  I’m posting a few of my favourites here but I’ll leave a link to the full album, there’s some great artistry  to be seen.

the quality of the flat figures was also amazing,

Full album of models HERE

The long corridors of the conference are home to various artists whose work is for sale, and thinking of my pal Clare over at Monster Mermaid 

I photographed some of the art work on display

you can see more Here

We had a great time at the show, met up with old pals in the bar in the evenings to have a good chat on,  and on the Monday morning, packed our bags and came home. Phil’s already booked us back in for next year, so there’ll be another road trip next October!

Stay tooned 🙂



50 thoughts on “Road Trip October 2017 ~ The Model Show

  1. Yay I gots a shout out!Ta missus…I do love those crows…also the lifeguard…actually they are all cool though I havent looked at the whole album yet…the models are amazing!Such detail, I didn’t realise…looks like a good holiday (and oh yes love corridors too).

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      1. €3500!!!OK I didnt see anything there worth that-so I see what you meant…I did really like the paintings of the guys in front of shop windows, good stuff that -maybe, depending on size and where artist is in their career, yeh €3500…maybe…and the crows. Hard to tell when its not in the flesh.

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  2. Just went through the whole extra gallery. All superb shots, and a lot of unusual fantasy figures at the show. Many buxom lady characters to enjoy :), but for me the military stuff was the most interesting. I really liked the ball-shaped tank. I had never seen anything like that before. Was it an ‘actual’ tank, used in action? Great stuff as usual, and thanks for all your hard work showing it to us.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. The ball shaped tank was by our pal Kristoph from Belgium. It is a tank he made up in his head. Phil was really pissed off as it was in his judging section of military vehicles, and he doesn’t believe that ‘what if’s and ‘made up’s’ belong with historical stuff, especially when there is a fantasy section, but he had to give him the top accolade as it was the best model in that section!

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  3. Amazing the time that people put in and the details that they create. I was talking to my student last night and he said that Model brno is one that he has visited and it is well worth a visit. He is big into planes, and I’m impressed with how his style has developed over the last year or so, he loves Phils work.

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