Road Trip ~ October 2017~ Day 1~Bruges

After the Atlantic wall, we dicked about getting lunch and looking in shops for maps, and then drove off to Bruges, arriving there at rush hour, not the best time to be looking for somewhere. The satnav got us to the right place, but we couldn’t see the hotel.  I parked up on a precarious corner before we hit the one way system and Phil got out and walked back to where the hotel was supposed be.  It didn’t help that the name of it was different from what we had, but he found it, talked to the lady there who told him where the nearest car park was, but gave him 30 minutes to return as she was going off duty and no-one was coming on. She gave him a little map which we tried to follow but we got royally lost and went round in circles stressing as the clock ticked on.  Eventually though we found it, parked up and got our stuff out and finally got into the hotel in the nick of time.  By this time it was dark, and Phil was sorry for me as this was supposed to be my ‘no-war’ photography bit. But I didn’t mind, as we’d done Bruges a couple of times so I have plenty of shots of it. We had our showers and walked into the centre to find somewhere for dinner. On the way I took an iPhone shot of this shop window as I thought of Clare from the Monster blogs  who does like her crows.

We had a lovely dinner of spaghetti bolognese, which we thought was one of the best we’d ever had. The weather was so warm we sat outside, and this is where we were

after dinner we decided I’d do some night shots, and hopefully get one for our wall to match the Tyne bridge that’s on it’s own at the minute, so we went back to the hotel for the camera, and here are the results

It is such a beautiful place to walk around, (but not to drive 🙂 ).

Stay tooned for the next part, when we went to Arnhem and a Bridge too Far.



49 thoughts on “Road Trip ~ October 2017~ Day 1~Bruges

  1. Yay!I gots a mention!…I do like my crows…thanks for thinking of me in that lovely place… I was in Bruges once but these wonderful photos also remind me of Amsterdam…I think its nice you got night time shots in the end. Homesick for Europe now..

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  2. Very nice night shots! I think you will find something to go with your bridge. I always wonder what the mosquito situation is with cities that have canals. . . .

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  3. What a beautiful quaint place. I rememeber seeing the movie In Bruges(2008) and knowing that is the place I would like to be though it doesn’t compare to the beautiful captures of your lenses here which leave you wanting to explore more. I love the atmosphere you’ve brought out through the night life.

    Sincerely Sonea

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