Simonside Country Fair ~ August 2017 ~Doggy edition

Part 1.  

Of course everyone and his dog had a dog at the country fair, so it would have been rude not to photograph some of them.  They had time trials for dogs to fetch a little bean bag which was fun to watch

That little doggy wanted the beanbag back when he’d done his run!

They like to meet up

they had a horse and hound display in the arena

I was really surprised when the announcer invited everyone in to pet the dogs! Considering they are trained to hunt and kill, it seemed a bit odd especially as the place was full of kids.

But they were really lovely and so gentle, the kids and the dogs, well just about everyone had a good huggy time

Sophie is wary of dogs, but Mentat and I piled in and Sophie followed as she wanted to get pictures of Mentat with the dogs.

I got accosted and Sophie took a couple of me and ‘my’ dog 🙂

it was over far too quickly!

This little puppy was tucked in his owner’s arms, so cute

just cuteness everywhere really

and they had a Novelty Dog competition which was fun

a very good day for doggies.

Stay tooned, we’ve still got birds of prey, a pipe band and more stuff to come!








43 thoughts on “Simonside Country Fair ~ August 2017 ~Doggy edition

  1. Super sharp shots of the dogs, which you know I am going to enjoy of course! But no Ollie lookalikes? Shame.
    (Is Mentat a fan of the ‘Dune’ books perchance? That’s the only reference to that I can recall, Piter De Vries, the Mentat.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Oh, that puppy!! That must have been cool to see all those hounds together around the horses. My dog would not be able to contain her excitement around a horse! Oddly enough she met llamas the other day in the mountains, and she was going nuts!

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