Fraggle Report~ Simonside Country Fair~August 2017 ~ part 1

Sophie’s boyfriend, (can you be girlfriend/boyfriend over the age of 30/40 I wonder, maybe Manfriend would be more suitable) Mentat, came over from sunny Spain, to have a holiday with Sophie in rainy England, and we went out one weekend to visit Simonside Country Fair. We hadn’t done a country fair before so were excited at the prospect of dog racing, birds of prey, a pipe band and horses and hounds. All sounded like great photo ops to us. ย So off we went, and here are some pictures I took of the day.

There was a sheep show!

and sheepherders

This chap was giving a talk on British snakes.

We visited the make, bake and grow tent and inside found a chap making wooden walking sticks with decorated handles

there was a competition for home made goodies, I wouldn’t have minded a tipple of the gin!

Outside one of the sheep was being roasted for dinner, (sorry veggie pals) and Mentat and I decided that was us sorted!

but when we went back at what we thought was lunchtime, it had all gone! They have early lunch in the country it seems.

More parts to come, of course, so stay tooned!






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  1. Timothy Price

    Did you hold the corn snake? I believe there are only 4 or so species of snakes native to the British isles, and you probably rarely see any of them in the wild. Corn snakes, like the one in your photo, are American, but they are basically as close to domesticated snakes as you can get from all the years people have bred them in captivity. One of our neighbors raises sheep, and they make lots of noise around 5:00 pm wanting their dinner. Those walking sticks are great.

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  2. Looks like a great day out. My girlfriend (sorry, partner) would hate the snakes though! It is a bit of a quandary though – girlfriend/boyfriend sounds a little childish or like you’ve only been together for a few months (not 10 years), but when you say partner people either assume you’re married or in a same-sex relationship.

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