Fraggle Report – Cresswell Hall – August 2017

The History Bit

Cresswell Hall was built between 1821 and 1825, with the money inherited by Addison John Cresswell’s missis when her wealthy cousin died.  The Hall was designed by London architect John Shaw and the building work supervised by Benjamin Green of Newcastle. It was a very grand building, constructed of sandstone from surrounding quarries, and to ward off the cold temperatures of the North East, even had central heating.


The grounds were beautiful and included stables, avenues of shrubs, rockeries, a croquet lawn, tennis courts and a miniature railway. It also had a conservatory

and the kitchen garden included a peach house, a vinery, potting sheds and a boiler house.  In 1924 the hall was bought by Northumberland County Council at auction, but was sadly demolished in 1930 due to structural and other problems.  I can’t find any info on what those other problems may have been.

Apart from the Stables only the two colonnaded walls that linked the Hall to the Stables and Conservatory are still standing.

Sophie and I went to find the ruins, and photograph what was left.  Mother nature is taking it all back bit by bit, but there’s still enough standing to get an impression of what a magnificent building it must have been.

finding a way in through the undergrowth


a few walls still standing, just.





The Stables


Back on the road there is still evidence of entrances into the grounds

now part of someones driveway.

such a shame it wasn’t restored 😦


  1. Love them gargoyles, kind of pig cross pug 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, tried to find out about them but no luck so far.

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  2. Like Eddy, I love the stone pigs.
    What a shame about the graffiti, some people just have no respect for anything.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It never surprises me to find graffiti on stuff anymore, sadly.

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  3. There are so many extraordinary castles and estates in Great Britain! The remains of what once was holds so much mystery and questions. Yet, it’s sad to think of what it once was. Strong photos as usual.

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  4. W hat a marvellous explore, Fraggle! I am ENVIOUS!

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  5. A miniature rail road! I am charmed already. I love your pic of the stables,

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  6. I agree, Fraggle — a huge shame it wasn’t restored. The clock tower took my breath away. Hugs.

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    1. Thanks Teagan, I wonder how long till it’s all disappeared.


  7. It is a shame, but it does make for some great pictures now.

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  8. Yeah, shame, but the overgrown and graffiti-covered remains do make great photos!

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    1. Cheers Stevie, we do like a good ruin!


  9. […] possession of the estate in 1191, in the reign of Richard I. and they owned a vast area including Cresswell Hall. the ruins of which you can see in the link […]


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