The Swiss Gardens ~ July 2017 ~ finale

Part 1. Part 2.  Part 3. Part 4.

The last shots from around the Swiss Gardens.

We came across a tiny church nestled in the bushes.

inside there was a stone bible and gorgeous stained glass windows

There is also a grotto & fernery, which is interesting as it is made up of  Pulhamite, artificial rockwork invented in the 1840s and used until the 1880s for pre-cast garden or architectural ornamentation.  It was built specifically to house ferns and other shade-loving plants in one half of the structure,  and to give a warm and sunny environment for more exotic flowering plants and tree ferns in the glazed extensions.

The Swiss Cottage

Over the other side of Shuttleworth, The SHuttleworth Collection of vintage aircraft are kept, and restored, and though we didn’t go in, we saw a couple in the hangar as we went back to the car

On the way home, we went passed Cardington where the Airliner lives, and it was out on the field,

full set of photos can be found HERE

The full story of the restoration and history of the Gardens can be found HERE


28 thoughts on “The Swiss Gardens ~ July 2017 ~ finale

  1. Great photos. The gardens have a little bit of everything. The grotto is very cool, as are the old planes. The photo looking up the the glass dome is super.

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