The Swiss Gardens ~ part 3

Part 1                   Part 2

More from the garden,

my pal Helen, getting the shot

and that was

which was the ceiling to this

an Indian pagoda apparently, many in Switzerland I’m sure 🙂

Helen wanted to take me up to the lily pond, so under a little bridge

to find a ‘no entry to the public’ sign, which Helen promptly climbed over and I followed on, we didn’t get caught and it was worth the risk

That’s it for this part, stay tooned, still more bits and bobs to show.


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  1. Bad girls!breaking in like that 🙂 :)…and go Helen! for the shot….this place looks absolutely stunning…gorgeous shots as always 🙂

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  2. Cool photos, worth getting on your back for 😉

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  3. Nice work, FR. Loved the blue bridge, and the lily pond was definitely worth bending the rules for.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. What a wonderful place to visit! And it’s – gasp from California – green!!

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  5. I’ve been banned for life from more than one place for ignoring signs. They didn’t buy the “What sign? I didn’t see no stinking sign!” explanation. The resulting lily pond photos were well worth the climb. I love that ceiling, like how cool is that? I’ve done my share of floor level and ground dwelling photography — always well worth the trouble. Diversity — Swiss/Indian pagodas in English/Swiss gardens that is. Beautiful photos all-round of an interesting garden.

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  6. I can just imagine finding deep peace in that pagoda.

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  7. Nice close ups. I like the pine cone and adore the bridge shot. Your friend Helen is adventuresome. You make a dynamic duo!

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  8. Fraggle the rebel! Naughty girl……

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  9. I am so glad you are there to make pictures that I can ooh and aah over so far a way.

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  10. Normally that’s me, lying on my back to get the shot I want. Glad I’m not the only one who does that. Nice ceiling, so worth it!

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  11. Whatever it takes to get the shot – I’m glad you took some liberties and saw the pond!

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  12. Beautiful grounds! Your photography is so great. I often feel like Ive lost the scenic beauty in my photos. Amazing that they had such a beautiful area blocked off. Glad you broke the rules, and it was worth it!

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  13. Clearly climbing a “no entry to the public”-sign was worthwhile. You got some gorgeous photos. And I love the little story you have created within the story of Helen getting shot and what she shot.

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