The Swiss Gardens ~ part 3

Part 1                   Part 2

More from the garden,

my pal Helen, getting the shot

and that was

which was the ceiling to this

an Indian pagoda apparently, many in Switzerland I’m sure 🙂

Helen wanted to take me up to the lily pond, so under a little bridge

to find a ‘no entry to the public’ sign, which Helen promptly climbed over and I followed on, we didn’t get caught and it was worth the risk

That’s it for this part, stay tooned, still more bits and bobs to show.


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  1. Timothy Price

    I’ve been banned for life from more than one place for ignoring signs. They didn’t buy the “What sign? I didn’t see no stinking sign!” explanation. The resulting lily pond photos were well worth the climb. I love that ceiling, like how cool is that? I’ve done my share of floor level and ground dwelling photography — always well worth the trouble. Diversity — Swiss/Indian pagodas in English/Swiss gardens that is. Beautiful photos all-round of an interesting garden.

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