Jordan’s Mill~ July 2017 ~Part 3

Some more photo’s of the garden at Jordans Mill, they did have some gorgeous flowers,


and also grew fruit

Not sure if these are wheat, rye or corn

black tomatoes are a thing too

after the gardens we took a walk along the banks of the River Ivel, will do that next so stay tooned!


27 thoughts on “Jordan’s Mill~ July 2017 ~Part 3

  1. Wow! What a burst of eye-popping colour. Is that a saturation boost, post-processing thingy, or a camera ‘extra’, I wonder?
    I have never seen a black tomato. Don’t think I would want to eat one, for some reason. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. The flowers were that colour, I brought out the best in them with processing in Lightroom, I tend to darken the background a bit so the flowers stand out. I don’t eat tomatoes unless they’re on a pizza 🙂 so no idea what the black ones are all about!

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    2. We have black tomatoes in our garden (but not pitch dark like these ones) and I can assure they are the best! We love them. They are very tasty, juicy and the most aromatic tomatoes we ever had and next year we want to grow more blackies. 🙂

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