River Tyne Cruise~July 2017~ end bit

After the cruise, we wandered about the Quayside and went to get some lunch.

The Tyne bridge, apart from being an icon in it’s own right, is also famous in bird land for being the home of choice for kittiwakes to nest upon.  As the ledges they use are quite slim & perilous, one has to wonder at their bravado, or is that dimness?

The chicks fall off onto the roads sometimes, and as it’s before they’ve figured out what wings are for, they perish by being run over, or just starve.  Their parents don’t seem to bother, we realised that if there is 2 chicks, one gets pushed over the edge by the stronger sibling. This chap was rescued by one of the market traders, but I don’t know if he took it home to hand rear it, or wether he left it behind at the end of the day.

Sales person for dog equipment

Taco van

The house of Bessie Surtees

In 1772 Bessie Surtees, an It Girl of 17th century Newcastle, climbed out of the first-floor window of this historic house to elope with John Scott, a coal merchant’s son who Bessie’s father did not approve of, but who later became a prominent local and national figure whose name lives on in the city today.

her house is the black and white one on the left

the front door, and no, it’s not a camera lens distortion 🙂

These were a trial!


and I’ll finish with this rather dapper gentleman hoping for everlasting life.


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