Tees Cottage Pump Station~June 2017~finale

Part 1 HERE.   Part 2 HERE

The building that the wheelhouse is in and the reservoir

Had to take some pictures of the waterpipes, they ebb and flow as the pump is working

Outside the building was parked a vintage car

and on the other side, a vintage steam engine

There was also a min railway you could ride on for a small fee, and this little chap waved at me when I took the picture

there was also a small TV crew wandering round sussing the place out,

Inside the engine rooms there were a lot of spinning and moving things

This was the big pump at work

This plate was on the side of the pump swinging left to right as the pump moved up and down

also some not moving things

After we’d seen everything, we stopped by the River Tees and I got a shot of the Pump Station nestled by the river

and that’s the end of my visit. Have to say the Ryhope Pump Station at Sunderland is more impressive, it has two pumps working in tandem, and seems more organised, but any pump station is photographically fine by me!


32 thoughts on “Tees Cottage Pump Station~June 2017~finale

  1. It’s always a pleasure to visit “old” things that still work – such as this! The imagination and knowledge that went into this amazes me, just as much as the discoveries of today, or a thousand years ago. Running water is something we just assume we have had all along . . . like electricity and toothpicks, safety pins and paperclips. Great series.

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