The Hoppings~June 2017~Part 5

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The last part of The Hoppings series concludes with a battle, or rather a display by the army.  Actually I wasn’t quite sure what they were meant to be doing, but lots of army chaps charging about in vehicles, shooting and running about. All good fun. 🙂

Ready for the off


Oscar Mike


Apparently this rocket launcher thingy can launch a rocket from Newcastle and precisely hit the football stadium in Middlesborough.  No need to shoot that far I thought, the Stadium of Shite in Sunderland would be a much worthier target. 🙂

Field gun


A Warrior APC (armoured personel carrier)


You’ll never get on Facebook with that!


inside the rocket launcher thingy

So that’s that, a great day out and on the way home I saw this and liked it 🙂

26 thoughts on “The Hoppings~June 2017~Part 5

  1. Looks like an entertaining display. Were they recruiting there too? No doubt potential recruits like to see some ‘action’.
    Poor old Sunderland F.C. What have they ever done to you? 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Yes there were recruiting cabins around the place. Newcastle United is my team, so it is de regueur to wish hell and damnation on the mackems. You have given me an idea for Thursday thoughts now 😊

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