Fraggle Report~Howick Hall Gardens ~ June 2017~ Rollei edition

Last weekend Sophie and I tromped off to Howick Hall Gardens, as the last time we went was in October 2015 and it was very autumnal, you can see that post and learn about the history of the Hall HERE

This time I decided to take the rollei only so was limited to 25 shots, but as readers of The Other Place blog will know, things didn’t go as planned! Anyway, here are the 15 shots that survived.

Every pathway was lined with gorgeous flowering bushes


It’s a long walk around the gardens and there are plenty of places to stop and rest if you need to

There’s a beautiful lake

and though we were warned to keep away from viscious swans protecting their young, they were quite happy to be photographed by us πŸ™‚

Wild flowers everywhere too

Lady Howick’s private garden was open for the day too

Fingers crossed the next Rollei outing will be more successful!




38 thoughts on “Fraggle Report~Howick Hall Gardens ~ June 2017~ Rollei edition

          1. It will be worth getting it fixed – those older 120mm images can be wonderful. Digital has its place and beauty, and so does film.

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  1. I have occasionally used the verb “tromp” and I get only confused stares. It’s a word I learned from my grandfather, who thought people “tromped all over his flowers.” I’ve never come across a person under 80 besides myself who uses it – but you’re the second person this week!

    Love these shots, the way the sunlight filters through.
    The lily pads are reminding me of Monet.

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  2. Blimey out with a real medium format camera. I haven’t touched a roll of 120 for donkeys years. Then it was the Bronica RF645 (I should have kept it) well done, tough to pre visualise what the final output will look like. Velvia or Kodachrome ?

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