Fraggle Report~Washington Wildfowl Trust~March 2017

One of the first outings Sophie and I had this year, was to visit the wildfowl trust at Washington, a reasonably regular haunt as the birds there are cool to see. First though we went to see the building of the new bridge across the River Wear in Sunderland. ย It’s a bit of a behemoth and will link up Castletown to Pallion, or, as my hubby says, will link up one shit~hole to another shit~hole ๐Ÿ™‚

I think they must be trying to have an iconic bridge, as Newcastle has 7 beautiful ones, and the other Sunderland bridges are pig ugly in truth. It will be cool to see it when it’s all finished, in the meantime the disruption to traffic is painful.

Anyway on with the birds at WWT!

Smiley duck!


Mandarin ducks


No idea what these are but they’re pretty,

love seeing the otters

and we sat in a hide for a while and took shots of the wild birds feeding





chaffinch ladies






Grey Squirrel


at the lake we saw a Heron Tree

and some geese

and on the way back, some swans under a weeping willow.

A lovely day out.

23 thoughts on “Fraggle Report~Washington Wildfowl Trust~March 2017

  1. Wow! These birds are so beautiful!! Laughing at the bridge from 1 shitty place to another shitty place! Haha! Have I mentioned how impressed I am with your zest for creating adventures in your own home country? I know I thought it, but can’t remember if I wrote it, but it’s very admirable that you go after it the way you do!

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