Fraggle Report ~ Poland April 2017~part 1

Here it is then 🙂

My trip to Poland came about when Eddy on his blog (which can be found HERE) offered a free weekend B&B if someone would take photo’s of the house for his website advertising the B&B, and then Pete (who’s blog can be found HERE) suggested Eddy asked me. To cut a long story short, 4 weeks later Phil and I set off for Krakow from Newcastle and arrived on a dark and stormy Friday night.  I recognised Eddy straight way as we came out of the airport though I’d never seen a picture of him before,and even though he wasn’t wearing Lederhosen :).  It was a 2 hour journey back to where Eddy lives and as it was dark and raining we didn’t see much of the countryside, but it didn’t matter as we chatted on so much and got to know each other, and planned out our weekend. We arrived at Eddy’s late in the evening and we met the beautiful Gosia, Eddy’s wife, and a little smiley imp Malina, their daughter.   We’d stopped for beer and wine along the way and so cracked open the cans and bottles and chatted on until god knows when. 🙂

We did that a lot this weekend 🙂

Today’s post will concentrate on the interior of the house, our Bedroom and bathroom were lovely, felt like home 🙂

lovely little details

Eddy built his own house with straw bales, and in our room was ‘The Window of Truth’

Here are some photo’s of the rest of Eddy & Gosia’s beautiful home

Front hall


to the right of the front door, bathroom and coat area, (note the compost loo!)


Back hallway, view from the dining area.


window to the left in previous shot


The snug & TV area


A great kitchen

Gosia loves blue & white kitchenware and has an amazing collection.


Pizza oven!


As you can see, the house is so homely and warm, and we were made so welcome. 

Next time we’ll look at the exterior and surrounding land.

Stay tooned!

44 thoughts on “Fraggle Report ~ Poland April 2017~part 1

  1. They have done a truly amazing job on that house. Looking back to the early days of the build, it it almost inconceivable to see the final results.
    Your photos do it great justice too, as I always knew they would!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. We still keep checking to see if it is our house 🙂 You truly take fantastic pictures, finding the detail and bringing out the colour, every angle thought about. Thank you for the three of us for a great weekend, you were missed the minute you were gone and we hope to see you again on your travels. Cheers! 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Winkos: a straw bale building adventure in Poland and commented:
    We were very happy to have guests stay over the last weekend and I think you will agree that Frags has done a fantastic job of capturing the house and with more parts to come I wont have to write a blog post for a while as I will be re-blogging all of them here 🙂 Thank you again to Frags and Phil who arrived as guest but left as friends, we look forward to their return, and the next post 🙂

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    1. Thank you Theo, oh yes indeed, I took over 200, far too many to blog with, but I’ll do a few posts. At the end I’ll leave a link to the full album for anyone interested.


  4. Free accommodation, score! I went to Krakow several years ago for a stag do (I know!) – it’s a lovely city, only wish I got to see more of it. Instead of taking in the sights and culture, we opted for water parks, paint balling, playing pool and poker, and copious drinking. Could have done that in pretty much anywhere in England, waste of a trip really!

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  5. Thank you Frags for your photo’s of Eddy ang Gosia’s home it definitely has increased our desire to visit them in the future. Also….. I am incentified to have my future kitchen to be like theirs. Now I could show my husband what I had in my imagination so it has fed his…..

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