Farne Islands July 2016 ~ part 3

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Apart from Puffins, Arctic Terns breed during the summer on Inner Farne, they attack you if you get too near their chicks by dive bombing your head, so it’s best to wear a hat. They are pretty though,

baby sitting (you can just see the chick underneath mum)

I got a herd of shots the year before of gulls and cormorants, so didn’t do too many this time, (concentrating on the in-flight puffin shots!)


I see no ships

Duck pond

The weather was lovely so some nice blue skies and sea

and then time to go, you only get an hour on the Island, but on the way back we were escorted by a herd of Dolphins, so many people on the boat with huge long lenses crowding to photograph them (mostly big blokes people) that I couldn’t see past them, so went into the inside bit of the boat and shot through the window, so these are not the best, but these are the only dolphins I’ve ever seen so here they are

And that’s the end of my visit to Farne Islands, can’t wait to go back!





36 Comments on “Farne Islands July 2016 ~ part 3

  1. I wondered how you got so close to the birds, then read about the pathway.
    Wonderful to be so close to dolphins in the wild. What a great series you have brought us, FR.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. You got some really great captures of the dolphins, jippy! πŸ™‚ Following your advice, I have already packed some hats.
    Why don’t we meet there for an outing medio May? πŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve always wanted to see puffins! I really liked this series – good images, great flight pictures – and your fun comments! Cheers.

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