Fraggle Report~ Farne Islands July 2016 ~part 1

Sophie and I finally got our trip to the Farne Islands a couple of weeks after the Bamburgh expedition. We’d wanted to go back as when we went in 2015 Sophie had forgotten her telephoto lens, and neither of us was any good at getting flying birds in focus, so a re-visit was in order.

Awaiting the boat our lunch was shared with a baby Starling, Mum on guard

Lovely blue skies as we sailed out of the harbour

but 15 mins out to sea and looking back to the shoreline, the clouds were gathering over Bamburgh Castle

but never mind the weather, we saw seals! lots of them!

Good Afternoon!



We three

Bird-poo rocks

It wasn’t me, honest!

All by myself

The sentinels

On to the puffins next time πŸ™‚

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  1. Despite the weather, you got some marvellous shots, FR. Love the colours on those seals, and looking forward to some cheeky puffins!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Fantastic, Fraggle. I love the black and whites of the castle approaching. Oh, I’m jealous! Looking forward to more. Nice job.

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  3. Lovely impressions from the Farne Islands!! We are visitinglater this year and now I’m really looking forward to our boat trip and your puffin report. πŸ™‚
    Do we need to wear a hat, I wonder …

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  4. Nice look back at the castle, I especially like the second one.

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  5. The models loved to pose for you n_n (hoping you are doing well)

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  6. Seals are so much fun to see out in the wild. I’m looking forward to the puffins.

    (Also, you guys are still in our thoughts and prayers here – I’ve been thinking of you often.)

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  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Great contrast. Love that you got the seals to pose for you. Particularly love the nose above water one.

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  8. Wow the seals are fab!I see a lot of them in the water, never on land…great shots, love the poo rocks and guillemot…and Bamburgh…all great in fact, look forward to the next instalment!

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  9. It’s good to know you finally made it out to Farne Island. And even got a different view of Bamburgh Castle. Those seals are cute, aren’t they. All photos are gorgeous.

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  10. hey, what a great series..of course I like ’em all, but “bird-poo rocks” is my fav. hmm..maybe “the sentinels”…..Now I can’t make up my mind. I like ’em all.

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  11. As always, your shots are magnificent.

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  12. Beautiful shots. Seals are such weird looking creatures, like a dog stuffed into a sleeping bag! But very cute, nonetheless.

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