Newcastle International Fair ~ final part

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.  Part 4.

Still wandering around Newcastle after the fair, sitting drinking coffee and people watching


On a mission

Then off to the Central Arcade

where this chap was making some tunes on a strange windbag thing, I asked him what it was and I think he said it was the Irish equivalent of bagpipes, but my memory is pants so I could be wrong on that.

Night on the town

Old and new

Stairway to…?

scrotal support

I ❤ Carlisle


St.George war memorial

Parsons Polygon ~ artwork by David Hamilton in 1985, a graded 2 listed obelisk that conceals a metro ventilation shaft


So that's the end of this Fraggle Report, thanks for all the kind comments along the way, see you for the next Report!

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  1. Newcastle is so full of life! Happy city ^-^

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  2. In the Deliveroo photo, that portly security man in the shop behind them has spotted you!
    Love that last shot. I would be happy have that graffiti as a print on my wall.
    Thanks for a great tour of the city, FR.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I really like the Central Arcade photo. AK

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  4. Paul will love the bag – he’s from a city called Carlisle here in the States!

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  5. What a fun trip. I enjoyed the whole series. No favs…I liked ’em one-n-all.

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  6. I’ve never been to Newcastle, but I feel like I have been vicariously. Thanks for that, Fraggle.

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  7. What a spirited series!


  8. wow, I love strolling with you Fraggy. and that “artwork” thingy.. very inventive:) awesome job, awesome photos

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  9. Scrotal support, that was funny.

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  10. I had to go back twice after reading the comments, then burst put laughing when I spotted the clackers! 🙂

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