Fraggle Report ~ Newcastle International Fair ~ May ’16

Sophie and I got out a fair bit in May last year, the weather was good I guess πŸ™‚ Anyway, the International fair consists of lots of food and crafts from mainly Europe and is an excellent day out for those of us with a camera. I have checked and the fair is scheduled again this year, but not sure if it will be disbanded when we are out of Europe, I hope not as it’s most yummy!

From La Belle France, bread and pastries and lovely Frenchmen

Also from France Sausage a la Toulouse

and of course French cheeses

From Holland Pancakes & Waffles and works from the Dutch masters!

From Poland ~ chorizo,sausage,potato,ham & cheese lunches, and smiley ladies

From Germany~ had to be sausages and they were delish!

From the Caribbean ~ chilli sauces,

From Italy~ macaroons and a smiley baker

From Morocco Tagine, Couscous

From Spain~ Paella

Also from Spain chorizo potatoes and Catalan meatballs

From China~ Noodles

From Sweetland~sweeties!

would have loved to try everything, so this year I’m going prepared with saved up take away dishes!

Next time we’ll have a look at the arts and crafts.

43 Comments on “Fraggle Report ~ Newcastle International Fair ~ May ’16

  1. Some of my favourite things there, FR.
    Bratwurst – Yum!
    Waffles and pancakes – Yum!
    Toulouse Sausages – Yum!
    I would have to try so much there, an elasticated waistband would be required.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Hmmm…great pictures, great food, great looking Frenchmen, oh dear, what will you be bringing home???? (Bwahahahahahah!)

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  3. I tried to scroll past Sweetland very quickly and then got caught out by the second picture, my knee passenger (Malina) spotted then and has since gone on a hunt for sweeties!

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  4. Oh Fraggy, how marvelous. I would have had to taste everything , awesome shots for sure, what a day you 2 must have had, you picked the right place to start in my opinion:) yum yum yum

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