Chillingham Castle~final part

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After the garden we went for a look around the grounds, and got to this lovely lake.

we saw this couple walking by it and thought the lady looked as if from another time

Then things went a bit wrong. Sophie said let’s walk around the lake and I said yes, both thinking we’d go round and come back to where we set off. But once we got to the other end of the lake we came across a second lake

we walked between the two and came across a boat

but then found we couldn’t see the first lake anymore, but knew it was to our left so we thought we’d head that way. We went over a bridge

but then we were in woodland and there was no way to head left, there was fencing to keep us out, and thick woodland, so we kept following the path. Past some marshes

We ended up in fields with no obvious pathway and loads of sheep. We;d been walking over an hour to try and find our way round and I was well fed up though Sophie was quite philosophical.

At the top of a hill we eventually got to a road, turned left and headed back (we hoped)

past some nice gaffs

it had posh chicks in the garden 🙂

Then we saw a gate and recognised the motif

We were right at the other end of the castle, wed walked miles!

Nice day for it though

Long way to the car

but interesting trees

And that is the end of your tour through, and around, Chilliingham Castle 🙂

Thanks for following!

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