Chillingham Castle~ Part 5

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The garden at Chillingham was awash with daffodils and bluebells when we visited.




Some nice views back to the castle



the golden bat

as with the castle there was also a fair amount of quirky stuff









and some impressive doors



Next time we’ll be trotting off around the lakes and grounds.







  1. Oh, spring! And such pretty grounds (though I am distracted by all the signs of spring).

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    1. Can’t wait til this years!

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  2. More great shots, and still more to come. Looks like that place is well-worth the entrance fee, FR.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. £9.50 for adult, not bad for all there is to explore. Cheers Pete 🙂


  3. What a neat place. Great photo fragg..

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  4. Gorgeous and I love the name of the castle.

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  5. I really want to visit this place! Your site is better than any tourist brochure.

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  6. There is something special with castles like this. Almost unfathomable. I am really fascinated about the statue that lays resting in the grass, almost an absurd image. But all the photos are beautiful.

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    1. Thanks Otto, I have no idea what the lady in the grass was all about!

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  7. Great collection of shots and nice to see the flowers in bloom. I think we’ll have to put Chillingham Castle on our to visit list!

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    1. You won’t regret it.


  8. Again, thank you. It has been a very enjoyable tour. Thanks for doing the walking :-). I am constantly in awe of your photographic skills and artistic abilities.
    Warmest regards, Ed

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    1. Thanks *blushing* 🙂


  9. Aww nothing is more beautiful and peaceful than nature and then when you have beautifully captured it’s mesmerizing beauty. Splendous

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    1. Those sheep were anything but peaceful 😀


  10. I like the petrified narcissist. Actually, I like all things quirky!

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    1. It’ a very quirky place to visit!

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