Chillingham Castle ~ Part 4

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Still exploring the castle we went up a floor to what seemed like an attic full of quirky stuff,


Chocks away!


clock mechanism





Portable loo


got stuffed

got stuffed


baby boots

baby boots




two life size horses bedecked in bridles, saddles etc, bit of a surprise 🙂

big brothers

big brothers

Then we ventured back downstairs


The Golden Bat

via the wine cellar


and back into the courtyard


Next time we’ll be visiting the garden.


24 thoughts on “Chillingham Castle ~ Part 4

  1. I like this – especially the rocking horses! Makes me think of the Manor at Hemingford Grey – home of the Children of Green Knowe (and one of my all time favorite books).

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  2. Thank you. I suppose it is difficult to “furnish” a place that has been used for so long. That, I suspect explains the quirky stuff. However, I am at a loss as to how to explain the empty bottles in the wine cellar. Is there no consideration to authenticity? Or, did the tourists imbibe?
    Warmest regards, Ed

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