Chillingham Castle ~ part 3

Part 1 HERE

Part 2 HERE

After the great hall we went to find the James 1st room, finding more bit’s and bobs along the way


He was armless 🙂


The James 1st Room, named after the King’s Royal visit to Chillingham in 1603, was built specially for the future King. It is famous for its Elizabethan ceiling with the gilded ribbing and very finely moulded pendants.
This room is brilliantly furnished with Sir Humphry’s extraordinary copies of antique originals and lined with patterned silk, originally made for Chatsworth House.  The paintings and tapestries are not important but relate to the Wakefield family and so of interest to the room.
The bath with the glasses in it was once owned by Mick Jagger
The Plaque Room library
In The New Dining room
and then off to find more stuff we found these on the stair windows
Next time we get to the attic 🙂

28 thoughts on “Chillingham Castle ~ part 3

  1. So that musician who played for King James I was so bad, he lost his arms and his trumpet 🎺 was left on the floor as a warning to other musicians.

    Mick Jagger didn’t think much of the warning and frolicked around in the bath 🛀 tub with glasses of champagne 🥂. 😂

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