Day 361~366

The weather tonight is even worse than when we had Storm Barbara.  This I presume is Storm Connor, which wasn’t supposed to affect us much but it is, so I am staying in the warm.  Running out of lights to shoot indoors, so made a tea~light fest of most of my candle holders.



  1. We missed the storm (so far) today. But I do like your spiritual collection.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. It almost looks like an altar – hopefully you won’t need prayers to make it through this latest storm!

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    1. All calm and sunny here now 😊

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    1. Well I googled hygge but am none the wiser 😀 but thanks anyway 😀 😀

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  3. I can feel the warmth from here.

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  4. Great shot, I love that Buddha statue. Hang in there through the storm and the last few days of your challenge.

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  5. They look like a peaceful refugee and contrast with the words of the storm. Take care. : )

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    1. Thanks Francis, it’s been sunny and cold since the storms ran off. 😊

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