Day 353~366

For the past 3 years we’ve had a pair of Robins visit our garden and The Happy Eater tree, but this year have hardly seen them.  Today though Phil spotted this little robin jumping from the car window ledge onto the mirror back and forth, we think he thought there was another robin in it!   He seems to be alone so am not sure if this is one of the pair and the spouse has died or if this one is a different one all together.


this next one’s a bit out of focus but you can see his reflections in the mirror and window,


and my shot for today~



17 thoughts on “Day 353~366

  1. Ah gorgeous shots..actually very hard to tell the difference between male and female. Supposedly the female is slimmer and the line of the cap is roundier on one than the other…can’t remember which…but even then its not definitive. I think too that once they have a chick they bugger off and leave it so this may be the latest chick?…this is around the time they do be looking for a mate I think…my little Bobby (who also loved the rear view,before I murdered him…) only got one in January one year but I’ve had a pair for a month or so in the back yard now.

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