Day 352~366

Something a bit different to my night shots, the sun was shining today and low in the sky, Skye was sitting on the dining room table and shafts of sunlight came through and illuminated part of her. i tried to catch the light hitting her whiskers, and in her eyes too.



this next is my shot of the day as the light hit her white tipped tail as well as her whiskers 🙂




  1. The eyes are perfect, FR. Another great memory of your cat.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Cheers Pete, at the moment she’s still very much a going concern, still daft as a brush and being boss simultaneously
      . 😊 taking each day as it comes and loving her as much as possible while she’s still with us.


  2. Cats are hard to shot, they apply the principle to flow as water so they don’t stop to move. 😀

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    1. She was sitting still at this point, I think it was my camera that was flowing! 😊

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  3. fantastic photos fraggy

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  4. Very dramatic. Nice job!

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