Day 339~366

A lot of people on our estate now have their outside Christmas lights on, but ours are broken, so a candle in a jar hanging off the branch of our tree is the best I can do at the minute 🙂


11 thoughts on “Day 339~366

    1. Our estate is very ‘families’, we are the only old couple I’ve come across, so it’s lit up like Las Vegas every Christmas. Have to say they don’t do tacky so much, (we’re on a ‘nice’ estate after all) it’s all pretty blue & white icicle lights over the eves, and illuminated little snowmen gnomes in the garden, I should think the kiddies love it. Makes it easier to drive in the dark down our drive. The bluey bokeh is our neighbours tree lights. I put some red berrie lights on our tree a couple of years ago ostensibly for the grandkids but really for me, but they broke, so a candle in a jar will have to do.


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