Day 327~366

Forgot to post this as have been keeping the cat company, she hasn’t had the best of days today, but is much happier now Phil is home and she can snuggle on his lap.  Anyway here is the ball shot for today.


“Does anyone know how to work this thing?”
‘Ummm…maybe we’re supposed to make a wish?’
“‘No you have to look at it until you get a misty vision”‘
“I thought misty vision meant I was hungry.”
‘Well then let’s cut out the middle man and just go get some biscuits.’
“Now you’re talking!”


  1. Does this mean the world turns upside down when you are in love? B-)


    1. I think it does! 🙂

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  2. Mmm… biscuits. Nice subtle processing, I like the vintage vibe.

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    1. Thanks Stevie 🙂


  3. Choppy and Schooner would be all for some biscuits!

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    1. Haha so long as they’re bacon flavoured 🙂

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  4. What a sweet, feel good image. I love the colours.

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  5. may I have the one in the middle, please?… 🙂

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    1. He’s a cutey isn’t he 😊


  6. Yes, this is really a feel good image – it also evokes lots of words and feelings. A very well constructed, sweet concept.

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  7. I love this Farggy

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