Day 326~366

Ooh only 40 days to go!

Anyways today we have had atrocious weather, it’s been very dark grey skies, lots of rain and now the wind has really picked up too. It’s horrid out there. I did not fancy going out with the ball, and the dull light indoors wasn’t very inspiring, so I waited until proper dark, (would have said night but proper dark  happened at 4.30 in the afternoon!) and messed about with flowers and candles. I quite like the result.


20 thoughts on “Day 326~366

  1. Lovely stuff, FR. (Is this yet another theme, or are my old eyes deceiving me? Tiny blue print on the tags, etc.)
    Same here with the terrible weather, and dark as night by 4 pm. (Dark as evening by 2 pm as well…)
    Tesco’s was fun though! (Not. £97! My fault, for voting ‘Leave’, obviously)
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. No your eyes are fine, just trying this one out, can’t alter the size of the print in this one. £97 for a weekly shop doesn’t sound too bad, but all depends on what you got for it I suppose 🙂 we go to Aldi when we want a ‘quick’ shop, much better value but they don’t have everything we like!


  3. A lovely, nearly spooky effect.
    It’s miserable here too. The snow came down y esterday. I suppose we should be grateful it held off for as long as it did, but I’m always resentful. It stuck, and continues to fall, so the roads are sloppy and cars are ditched and people are staying home instead of showing up to work. Oh, winter, why must you treat us so?

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  4. Very interesting photo, rich and somewhat moody and mysterious to me, which means I like it! I am curious, with 40 days to go, are you looking forward to the end or will you just start over again (I mean, having the habit and all these followers?).

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