Day 322~366

Have been to work today, and the weather got steadily worse as the day went on, so thought I’d be having to do my shot indoors again this evening.  However, I was running early for an appointment, so stopped off at McDonalds for a drive through coffee, and whilst sitting in my car in the car park I had a visitor. As always my camera (and ball) bag ~ hmm think that sounds rude reading aloud in my head, never mind, you all know what I mean~were in the passenger seat, so I whipped them out and took a shot of him.

Then when Phil was cooking tea later I took some quick Iphone snaps of the cat being bonkers .She’s not allowed on there!


Cat ‘n’ chips


and my visitor in a ball


it’s been a wildlife photography kinda day 😀


11 thoughts on “Day 322~366

  1. What a great unexpected gull shot! Worked really well.
    If you had turned the hob on (just a bit…) Skye would soon have shifted!
    You have also made me realise that I have to clean the oven now. Your one is much cleaner than mine.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Great shot with the ball, it works really well as a composition. We don’t let our cat in the kitchen while or just after cooking as he’s far too inquisitive for his own good, especially when it comes to food and hot things!

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    1. She’s not allowed on there! But she ignores us and just does what she wants to. She was pestering Phil while he was cooking, and he was ignoring her, so this is her attention seeking behaviour! 🙂


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