Day 320~366

We had a bit of blue sky until mid afternoon so I toddled off to the beach at South Shields with the ball and took a few shots. Photographing a crystal ball in sunlight is not the best because you get a lot of reflections on the surface of the ball, but it’s do~able if you shoot at the right angle.   There was plenty of shade amongst the rocks too so took some there as well.




I got photobombed by a Rottweiler! Just as I took the shot he bounded up and started digging a hole.


this next one is my favourite one of the day, with the sun lighting up that reddish rock.




  1. These are perhaps the best yet. I love the rotweiler popping into shot. Priceless!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks Pete, he was an old boy I think, didn’t bother me, dug a hole and ran back to the chap walking with him.


  2. Really amazing photos. The warm colour in the last one just blows my mind. This crystal series is one of your best ones yet, I think.

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    1. Cheers Graham! 🙂

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  3. These are great – they almost look fake!

    And I love the photobomb – but I guess you could have guessed I would enjoy that.


    1. Thanks Sarah, it’s possible to make fake ones in photoshop, though I’ve never tried, but they look too perfect somehow. The doggy was a bonus! 🙂

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  4. Very cool. Nice idea, placing it in the water, and there’s some lovely fresh light in these shots.

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    1. Cheers Stevie 🙂


  5. The portrait with the dog is fantastic! For some reason to me is fantastic to see blue skies in your country, I think TV shows are partially responsible. 😀

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    1. Haha yes, we’re quite often grim and grey on the TV, as in real life, blue skies always seem to come with cold temperatures here!

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