Day 319~366

I took the ball to  ST.Mary’s Lighthouse this afternoon after work, and had a play. The tide was all the way in so couldn’t get onto the beach at all, but that wasn’t a problem. First though a couple of shots taken with the I-phone, got a new app called Filmborn, and this was taken with the kodak portra 400 setting.

ST.Mary's Lighthouse
ST.Mary’s Lighthouse


I also did a pano for fun and because the sky was quite spectacular

Panorama at St.Mary’s Lighthouse. Iphone6

and then my regular crystal ball shot(s) with the old Fuji,



I liked this next one best


Hoping to get a superman shot tonight but there’s a lot of cloud about!


11 thoughts on “Day 319~366

  1. Supposed to be the best-ever moon tonight. But guess what? Rain and cloud here as usual, so not even a worst-ever moon visible.
    I loved the camera shots with the ball. The phone shots were good enough too, but the reflections in the ball took the prize.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Haha those pesky comments things! Thanks Pete, I am not a huge user of the iPhone for pictures, got enough to contend with, but am a sucker for a new ‘film’ app. 🙂 also cloudy here 😦


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