Day 317~366

I have a weekend home alone, as Phil is off to a scale model show in Telford, not back until Sunday night, and I have to cat~sit. Really the cat is doing the sitting, on my trackpad so that I can’t be on the computer, but she didn’t realise I have an emergency mouse, so on we go πŸ™‚


The weather, always with the weather, has been dull, has been raining and cold, so no going out with the camera, but I gathered some fallen leaves from the front garden and did my autumn in a crystal ball shot.


This evening I’m having a chinese take away and going to find a movie or some trash TV to watch. Β I’ll brush the cat, (she loves being brushed) and have a glass or 2 of my favourite wine. Β I will sleep in a star shape and not get up in the morning if it’s still raining.



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  1. Beautiful shot…and making me smile with ’emergency mouse’, ‘sleep in a star shape’… love it πŸ™‚

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  2. Our lives have some comparison, at least this weekend. I am also ‘home alone’ as Julie babysits her grandson. Other than my trip to the cinema, it is a quiet time, of pizza, and Italian wine. Ollie is not sitting across my keyboard, but he is too big to do that.
    The leaves and the ball were just perfect. The season, and the brief, perfectly captured.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  3. The things you do with a camera are absolutely amazing.

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  4. This is the best so far! Not that the others weren’t good . . . . ‘-) Nice to see Skye-Kitty, too.

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  5. Cats know how to get in their way, don’t they. It’s always good to have a backup plan when that happens. I am amazed about what you did with those crystal balls. Beautiful.

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  6. Hope you enjoyed your evening. I love getting Chinese.

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  7. Beautiful photograph. For me this is one of your best ones yet.

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  8. These are very cool photos! I love hearing what we all do when our spouse leaves– sleeping star-shaped… I love it!

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  9. Amazing. Great idea and perfectly arranged and very seasonal! Oh, and your cat is mental, in a very cute way!

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