Day 315~366

The day ran away with me today somehow, chores in the morning when it was sunny, and then preparing a slow cook dinner, and by the time I’d done it was grey and raining.  Skye has been having an off day, chucking up and not eating, but has perked up this evening. Feels like walking on a knife edge. SO it was dark and I hadn’t done a photo, so I tried something I’d had a go at in the past, but with different lighting and white balance settings. It was fun, but have not perfected it yet, it’s quite hard to get rid of reflections you don’t want and to get the lighting OK,  so may have another go later in the project.


All 3 balls reflected in the front one, 2 in the one on the right, 1 in the ball on the left 🙂


rejects 😀




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