Day 308~366

Firstly, I’m going back to the old theme, the photo’s come out too small in the other one!

Today was a rainy day so didn’t venture out too far, got my teeth polished at the dentist 😁 and went to blow up my car tyres, 9psi isn’t all that good to drive about on!

Skye has been very clingy today, and Phil said this morning she was curled up on top of the microwave and wouldn’t eat her breakfast, he was thinking it might be the endgame. She perked up later on but all day she has been shadowing me and wanting to sit on me and have snuggles. Gave up in the end and just sat with her while she snoozed in my arms.  It’s so horrible waiting for the moment where we know she can’t go on without suffering, and the stone in the pit of my tummy tells me that won’t be too far away. She’s had some food and seems to be OK for now, will see what tomorrow brings.  Will make no apology for taking some nice pictures of her when I get the chance.

She came and sat with me while I was trying to catch some bird shots through the window.

Our beautiful girl


The birdies were fast as anything and I am too slow, but managed a couple,

Possibly a marsh tit
Possibly a marsh tit


little bluey
little bluey
happy eater
happy eater

and my crystal ball shot, in the rain.



16 thoughts on “Day 308~366

        1. Yes I had a breeding pair for 3 years and they were well ‘here I am,shoot me baby’ but this year only one robin, and he’s all ‘ get the fuck outa my face’ not sure if it’s one of the pair and the other has shuffled of the mortal coil, or if it’s one of their kids, a new guy, or,or,or. Nature is so infathomable sometimes 🤔

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          1. Hahaha! 😀 It is bizarre watching them isn’t it?It gets like a soap opera…I think the parents bugger off and leave the kid as soon as they can…and maybe that friendliness skips a generation!I thought my robins had become shy because they heard I murdered friendly little Bobby Robin but maybe they are rebelling against the older generation…kids,too cool for school baby!

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  1. Great post. Amazing photos – the cat is beautiful by itself, but the photo is really special too. The photo of the crystal ball – to me – has a very special composition. You do not see the conifer trees, but in the inverted image the forms explain themselves. Great work.

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