Day 306~366

So on we go into November, and this month I am getting out my crystal balls and will be using them in my photography.  But first, I had a little fun last night with the trick or treaters who came to the house, and swapped a photograph for a treat.

Halloween 2016

I do this every year and the kids are great round here, smiley and nice and polite. I don’t know any of them and most are with parents. So far no-one has given me grief for taking their kids pics,  but then most of the kids are in disguise!

Also I thought I’d share a photo of Skye that I took this morning. She’s doing OK, a bit sicky now and then, but still eating and having cuddles and being a pest. I try not to think about what’s to come.


And so onto the Crystal Ball Files! I have 4 of different sizes so will be having some fun with this!



11 thoughts on “Day 306~366

  1. I wasn’t troubled at all by kids last night, which suited me down to the ground!
    Nice to see Skye, and to know that she is still eating, and behaving cat-like.
    Looking forward to the crystal balls in November, especially if Frego is reflected in one!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Phil stays well out of the way, if he was home alone all the lights would be off downstairs and he’d be up in his modelling room keeping schtum! Frego is probably away until next year now, need to keep on track for this 366, nearly over. Next year I’m thinking of doing a couple of weekly rather than daily projects, and Frego will possibly be one of them. 🙂


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