Day 301~366

“Lets go out and shoot some leaves”
‘But it’s so windy, and that’s so cliche!’
“Yours probably will be, but mine certainly won’t!”



  1. Beautiful image!

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  2. Lovely colours in this shot, FR. I am going to miss Frego.
    Been photographing tanks and military vehicles today. Got them all loaded onto the computer just in time, as the previously unused SD card (Lexar Professional) is now saying ‘protected card’, and won’t let me do a thing with it!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Ooh what military tanks & vehicles are you on about, look forward to the photos.


      1. Here is a link. No Tiger or Panther though!
        It was actually rather badly arranged, and a little disappointing. Lots of photos to follow soon.


      2. I managed to sort that SD card. I didn’t know that they have a tiny switch on the side, that locks the card. It must have got caught in the card reader. Working again now, but I might stick with Sandisk in future. ):


    1. cheers Graham 🙂

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  3. It might be a cliche but it still looks great, especially from that perspective.

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    1. Cheers Steve 😊


  4. Yes, but who doesn’t enjoy a cliche every once in a while?

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    1. true 🙂 cheers Sarah.

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