Day 300~366

Day 300, there’s a milestone 🙂 only 66 days to go, so light at the end of the tunnel.  Today is also exciting as the Woman~cave has arrived!

Frego didn’t know it was coming.

“Wow, look what’s turned up in the back garden! Where did THAT come from!?”
‘Surprise! This is your new home.’
“Woah! I’m going to live in it!?”
‘Sure, when it’s all kitted out with insulation and electricity and furniture & stuff.’
“It looks so big. I’ll get lonely”
‘Oh no, Skego will be with you and the other little people and The Bears, and I’ll be there a lot making mosaics and doing photography with you’
“Well I’m not sure I want to share it!”




22 thoughts on “Day 300~366

  1. Omg.. talk about a year going by…bye:). Nice looking shed reminds of of the show”little homes”. . If that’s real 😂my perception my be off😂😱
    Anyway I’m still thinking…great little book!!!!!

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  2. Great shot and what a lovely looking shed. Ours is falling to bits, but we nearly had a collective heart attack we saw how much it would cost to replace with something of a comparable size!


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