Day 293~366

‘Hi Frego, whatcha doing?’
“Well we’re going away tomorrow so I thought I’d sort out packing my clothes and camera gear”
‘Is it all going to fit in those little bags?’
“Yes of course when I’ve folded everything up.”
‘You do realise we’re only going for 2 days don’t you?’
“Yes, but a girl has to have options silly!”


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  1. Reminds me of all the stuff I took to the Lakes. Brought back shirts and trousers not worn, as well as all sorts of unused bits and bobs. At least we could just sling it all in the car.
    Nice work, FR.
    best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Oh, that’s kind of hilarious. I didn’t realize she had such a sense of humour!

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  3. Lol Fraggy, between your post and the comments I’m sitting here chuckling away:) have a grand little get away

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  4. A fun little story you have created. And a captivating tabletop.

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  5. Great photo and humor. You can make a movie about this girl!

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  6. A girl definitely needs options! Paul’s back knows this well from my own weekend trip suitcases!

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  7. I hope her clothes squish down into a suitcase she can carry!

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