Day 292~366

Not the best weather, again it’s been cold with wind chill, but a blue sky later this afternoon, which turned grey 10 minutes after we set of to go train spotting.

Train Spotting
Train Spotting

On the way Frego noticed the sunshine sparkling through the tree branches and leaves, ‘I’ll get some of that bockey stuff’ said Frego, ‘Do you mean bokeh?’ I asked, ‘That’s what I said!’ she said.







13 thoughts on “Day 292~366

  1. Well the bocky’s beautiful, and better than what we’ve got – very gusty winds after a violent storm last night that knocked allt he beautiful autumn foliage to the ground.

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  2. Hahaha u really do crack me up . Fargo know’er stuff . Good thing she’s got you !!! Well today ends our nice Indian summer weather , got all the way to 80. Sorry to see it go:(
    U and Fergo ROCK!!! 😘

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