Day 288~366

We took Skye to the  vet today for investigations, while we were waiting for them to ring us to go and collect her, Frego tried her hand at bird photography, and wasn’t that successful.


Our beautiful Skye~pie has an inoperable tumour.


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  1. Ah Fraggle R…so sorry to hear that 😦

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  2. 😢ah Fraggy and Phil I am so sorry , I’ve been waiting all day in hopes that it was good news . 😢💔

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  3. Fraggy – so, so sorry to hear about Skye . . . hard to take. Give her extra scritches and kisses for me, will ya? x -N

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  4. Oh I’m not sure I can handle such sad news after such a sweet photo. Big hugs.

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  5. Sad to hear about your cat FR. We lost one a while ago, it was not a housecat, just my “studio cat”, but I really miss her. I hope the prognosis for your cat is better. Take care.

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  6. Cute photo, really sorry to hear about Skye.

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  7. Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

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  8. I am loving this lego series Fraggle.

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  9. Such a sad contrast, the lovely photo with the news about Skye. I shall think of this Frego shot as her tribute.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  10. Oh no! Such terrible news. We’ll keep you all in our thoughts.

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  11. Oh no!!!! I’m reading your blog backwards if you see my comment on your next post before this. I guess I always do that since I catch up on Mondays. Sending my love to you and Skye… I know how much you love her.

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  12. May I also say that Skye is in my thoughts and prayers.

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