Day 286~366

I had a busy day today, went to work, made teas for the shed men, met Phil after his work to go supermarket shopping, had dinner, and here I am now with my photo for today. I didn’t have chance to take Frego out, and anyway the weather was so yuck, more rain & clouds. So this evening Frego thought she’d process some photo’s, and Skego kept her company.


13 thoughts on “Day 286~366

    1. I’m working for my friend Brenda who has her own clinic. I do 2 1/2 days a week and am so happy there. There’s a receptionist Lyn who is like mega feisty, Brenda who is just the loveliest person but disorganised as hell and now me. Work is a lovely place to be now, such a change from where I was.

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