Day 277~366

A good thing about summer ending~sunrise is later! Lovely misty one today.  Got up early with Frego and watched it come up over the houses.


‘I am one who eats his breakfast, gazing at morning glories’. Basho

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  1. The little details are nice (besides Ms. Frego) – the birds, the web, and the flare of the sun.

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  2. As I now walk Choppy in the pre-dawn hours, the late sunrises aren’t my favorite!

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  3. I might try getting up earlier one of these days. I have never photographed a sunrise, just plenty of sunsets.
    This shot worked well. The Lego theme is a good one!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Great photo – you both caught those birds just at the right time.


  5. I love the golden tint, the glistening web. So lovely. Sorry I’ve not been able to comment while away on my phone but we are very much admiring!


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