Day 226~366

over at Global Colour Survey (you can click through that if you want a go)
you can answer some questions about what colours mean to you, for instance, which colour do you associate with happy, or with mourning, what’s your favourite etc. When you submit your answers you then see a list of the results so far, as to which is the top colour for each question, over 20,000 people have done this survey, and it’s fun/interestiing to see if your answers are different from the majority. It’s anonymous, you only have to give your age and gender and can choose to receive updates by email, or not.

The picture above could be my own answers, or they could be the list I saw, I’m not saying, in case you want to have a go yourself, 🙂

The items I shot, I chose for the colour, not the meaning, though some fit I think .


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