Day 215~366

Into August and still no summer to speak of, this has been such a mostly dull year so far. If we get a bit of sun, by the afternoon it’s all gone.  Today I wanted to photograph my little treasure chest of blue’s and purples and greens, with it’s contents of sea glass I’ve collected at the beach.  I’ve included my travelling trio of Brumbar Bear, Bagpuss & Percy Puffin who I’ve in the corner of my car windscreen and go on holiday with me, to add some splashes of other colour, and they’re looking at a map to see where their next treasure hunt will take them. 🙂 day215w

6 thoughts on “Day 215~366

    1. Well at least one of us having a summer! It’s really fed uppy to keep on thinking ooh it’s June, here comes summer, and it doesn’t, then ooh it’s July now we’ll get summer, but we don’t, then ooh it’s August ugh same ole same ole. 😕 but hey that’s us English, we carry on regardless. 😃

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