Day 214~366

Into August now and this month is about colours.

Today I did red.


Red Ted went to bed

He drank some tea

and then he read.

After, he lay down his head

and then ‘Goodnight to all’, he said.

(Some of my bloggy peeps have poems in their posts, so I thought I’d do one for them 😀



  1. I do like yer lighting.

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  2. Lovely post, and lovely month, I love colors. : )


  3. A good take on a Teddy Bear tea party set-up. Nice red hues too, all over the shot.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. cheers Pete 🙂


  4. oooooh colours, I can already tell I’m going to like this month!

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    1. Hope so Jay 🙂


  5. Great theme, Inreally struggle with colours, so I am keen to get some inspiration from you!

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    1. There’s loads of stuff to learn about with colour palettes, contrasts and complementaries, so I’m keeping these things in mind when doing a shot. Cheers F.D

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  6. Very cute poem Fraggy – and a great photo too.

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    1. Cheers Mrs.O 😊

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